the gellounge

At the naillounge, we strive to provide all organic nail care products-natural and healthy to your real nails. With out gel manicure there’s no odors, no dust or fumes, which is healthier and cleaner for the environment, our staff, and especially, our clients. Soak Off Gels are easy to remove. There is no excessive buffing, which can damage your natural nails. Gel polish can be applied directly to your natural nails without using any primer or chemical bonding agents. Most importantly, gel polish is non-porous and inhibits fungus or mold growth on your nails, at the same time helps our clients’ nails grow out stronger and healthier by adding 5 different kinds of vitamins, and calcium. Gel manicure is the one and only manicure that is able to create the natural look of French color tip, in addition to multiple color designs. It also feels lightweight by being a thinner coat than other products, but don’t discount its outstanding durability because of this! The naillounge will guarantee it with out “14 day no chip” warranty policy.

Organic nail care products, gel manucure